02 Dec. 16

How Does A Plumber Charge for Their Service? Ask The Right Questions.

A commonly asked question from customers are, “Why does my plumbing repairs cost so much?” This is a question worth asking your plumber, especially if you’ve been given a quote that runs into the hundreds or even thousands of dollars. There are three main criteria used in pricing any given plumbing repair …

The first is the total time that goes into getting  your plumbing task completed. The second is for the parts themselves, and whatever other support materials are used in the process of the repair and the third area are the fixed costs or overhead that the company has to cover.

Most companies charge time and material. Using this method, customers are charged for the time that it takes them to do the job. One way we save our customers time and money is by carrying a huge truck inventory. Having just about everything we need to complete an average job, without having to leave your home to get parts, saves time, which saves you money.

Yes, plumbing companies mark up the price of parts. Keep in mind that this markup also means that reputable shops can provide a warranty for their repairs. The type of parts used directly affects the bottom-line price. High quality parts tend to be the highest priced, followed by lesser quality, cheaply made material. At Texas Select Plumbing we only use the highest quality of parts.

We know that paying for plumbing expenses can be a scary thing. The fear of the unknown is one of our worst enemies. At TSP we provide free estimates for each job so that you know your expense upfront. We also pride ourselves in offering fair and honest pricing every day of the year.